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The 42 Overview


Herein you will find the supra-confidential biographical information regarding the 42 Squirrels who plan to take over the world via their master conspiracy, a conspiracy like no other, etc. The information has been gathered and sorted by actors that one sees in job training videos and Nova episodes, mainly due to budgetary reasons.  As stated in the reputable wiki Uncyclopedia, only “Tommy Lee Jones, the Swedish bobsleigh team, and Mongolian president Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj” have had access to this information (see

Things have changed.  We need the world to know exactly what is going on, so we’re providing this information with great risk to our lives, finances, and immediate access to fast food restaurants.

Please feel free to scroll down the list of profiles/biographies in order to educate yourself.  And remember:  Please post any sightings of the 42, or any suspicious fascist like  behavior any squirrel (or animal that reminds you of a squirrel, yet maybe much larger) here.  It is for the benefit of the human race….please remember that as you go about your daily lives.