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Robo Squirrel is Here


Under the guise “‘Robosquirrel’ deployed to research relationship with rattlesnakes, CNN posted an article about a robotic squirrel to supposedly “research” squirrel relationships with rattlesnakes. The robotic squirrel is being engineered by UC Davis.

This, to us, is obvious proof that CNN and UC Davis have been bought out by the 42 to join them in their conspiracy, much like Saruman thought it would be beneficial to side with Sauron.  We all remember how that turned out…

What really is happening:

Due to a recent uprising against the 42 by SFPAS (Squirrels For Peace and Stuff), the 42 have found that in order to more efficiently influence the masses they need to create an army….an army that will be robotic.  They’ve come to the conclusion that they will create “cliques” of elite, powerful, beautiful, happy looking squirrels to persuade the masses.  This at least offers the populace the illusion that they’ve made a choice completely independent of bias and political pandering, etc, etc.

For those that do not make the choice that the 42 determines is the right choice, the robotic toughs will be utilized, and it won’t be pretty, as the saying goes.