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It has begun….


The squirrels are growing more bold by the minute, the second, the millisecond:

Fly and Slide Squirrel

Craigslist Founder Brainwashed by Squirrels – Exclusive JAOF Report

Craigslist Founder Brainwashed by Squirrels – Exclusive JAOF Report

Craigslist Founder Will Donate $1 if You Tweet About Squirrels

If our memory serves us correctly, there’s a good chance that we’ve seen this coming and have warned the world that things like this would start happening.

What is happening?

The 42 are using their vast resources now to brainwash/bribe/convince/influence/use Made Up Pseudo Scientology/blackmail influential rich people to directly or indirectly or omni-directly help their cause.

They’re smart.

They’re starting off with people that to the general public have no face except the website that they started.  The masses think, nay, know deep down that Craigslist was created by a guy named Craigory or Chet or Ched or Bobcat that lives in his grandmother’s basement and eats a lot of Cheetos that have small traces of chloroform in them. The truth of the matter is not important, so long as they can sell their stained furniture to strangers, browse the Casual Encounters Personals section “just for fun,” and buy stained furniture from strangers to replace what they just sold.

The 42 squirrels will continue to grow in power, and the conspiracy will become more than just hushed whispers in the marketplace, workplace, spa, golf range, ad infinitum of social places.

Be on your guard human citizens, for though they seem to be merely gathering filberts and frolicking, they are watching you.  Their tails stand straight up and are all equipped with imperceptible video cameras that record, track, and analyze human behavior.

Be vigilant in these precarious times.