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#9 – Phillis Wallberry

#9 – Phillis Wallberry

Phillis grew up in Alaska with Wild Bears. She thought that she was a bear up until college, when she found that she wasn’t at all a bear, but an entirely different species.  She was an intelligent, yet psychotically inclined individual.  She would often wander about the forest singing “Sweet Home Alabama” when there were wild Pumas about.  She knew that Pumas didn’t roam around the Alaskan landscape somewhere in her mind, but she would at times forget this and think that wild Pumas were after her.  By singing Sweet Home Alabama out loud, she thought that she was being bold….facing the Pumas, as it were.  So you see, this is a typical thought process for Phyllis at any given time, applicable to many situations.

So she did what many college students do who don’t know what to major in, and are interested in the human psyche because realize their own is perhaps a bit anomalous to the norm, which was major in psychology.

When she graduated she had a mental breakdown, and decided she needed to become a full on psychiatrist.  She wanted to be able to dispense meds to herself, and to others who might need it.  She didn’t like seeing her own psychiatrist, as she suspected that he was really an alien life form named NED who wanted to take over the planet and replace Ted Talks with NED Talks.  There were times when she realized she was a bit non-sensical, but they were brief flashes of insight that faded immediately with pictures of rhinoceros’s laughing at a card table, smoking crack cocaine and talking about the Craigslist casual encounter section.

She then decided that everyone was probably a lot like her, which was sanely insane.  It became her goal to dispense medication to the entire world, and maybe even alien NED-like life forms in order to help them deal with whatever psychosis they had, or to just give them something to control them or laugh at the effects of the particular drug given.  She thought that she was probably what they called a ‘sociopath,’ but really didn’t care, which fell right in line with the argument that she surely was.

Phillis was another member of the 42 who had reached out to them in order to join and take part in ruling the world in a fascist-like fashion. During a political rally put on by Sarai Palezninn in support of something that seemed very much like fascism to those innocent bystanders just visiting to try out the salmon, Phillis noted that certain persons were wearing lapels that had the letters FFF  on them.

She was curious, and asked one of them what it meant.

The person responded with a question:  “What would it mean to you if it meant ‘Filberts, Fashion, and Fascism,’ which was a mantra of a super-organization conspiring to rule the world in a fascist-like fashion?”

She replied by first handing over her resume, then describing how she would like to distribute medication to the world, and was most likely a staunch sociopath.

She was on a flight to 42 headquarters that night.