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#10 – Ricky Ploon (aka Master Planner of the 7th Jelly Fold)

#10 – Ricky Ploon (aka Master Planner of the 7th Jelly Fold)

Ricky Ploon grew up in The Rhone Valley region of France, though he didn’t take part in wine production.  His parents were both bonafide blacksmiths, so of course, this is what Ricky Ploon grew up with.  School was difficult for Ricky, as the rest of the students (with the exception of the custodian’s daughter, Janine Flaugherty), were sons and daughters of rich wine farmers or drug dealers. They would laugh at his ever smokey appearance, which really was from head to toe. In essence, he was picked on perpetually throughout school.

Ricky was the passive aggressive type….rather, he was the pending articulate revenge type.

Every time he was made fun of, he would “Send the Pain Below,” as the musical artist put it.  He had somehow partitioned a portion of his brain and made it a dedicated drive created exclusively for hate of others and self; filled with guilt, mania, revenge tactics, politics, and pictures of clowns.

He started off small, but he decided to give his classmates a lesson. For years he had worked on developing a chemical that would ‘time stamp’ fabric with the message of ones choosing.  The night before graduation, he snuck into the room where the graduation robes were housed, and reading the names of the robe assignments, there implanted his very own chemical creation.

He programmed the messages to reflect the darkest secrets of every single person graduating, with the exception of Janine Flaugherty (she was essentially his only friend). When they walked up to the stage to receive their respective diplomas, the special light bulb (also created and installed by  Ricky) would illuminate the message on both the front and back of the fabric.  The amazing part of it though, was the fact that the embedded message wouldn’t show up right there.

It would only show up on the pictures themselves when they were developed.  Ricky had bribed the photographer to leave the pictures as is and post them to the national database of graduating seniors archive (NDOGSA).

They were had, to be sure.

When the 42 caught wind of this, they knew they needed someone with the amount of cunning displayed by Ricky, so recruited him immediately upon his graduating from high school.  It was such a turn of events for Ricky, he didn’t think twice about joining an organization that was planning on picking on the entire world.